Learn About Fuel Oil Prices in Maryland

Bollinger Energy’s origin began in 1988 as a wholesale unbranded petroleum supplier to commercial, industrial and institutional customers. In 1994, our petroleum operation expanded through the addition of a wholly owned subsidiary called Chesapeake Transit Incorporated. Both Tandem and Transport trucks are operated by Chesapeake Transit and our drivers are professionals dedicated to making deliveries in a safe and timely manner.

Bollinger Energy supplies the following petroleum products:

  • Biodiesel (B99, B20, B10 and B5)
  • Dyed diesel fuel
  • Premium ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel
  • Heating fuel oil
  • Kerosene (clear and dyed)
  • Gasoline (87, 89 and 93 octane)

Major oil companies and large independents related to either “Gulf Coast” or “New York Harbor” pricing supply Bollinger Energy. Therefore, we are always in the position to offer the most competitive priced products. Bollinger Energy can develop a unique pricing strategy to meet a customer’s specific savings or budget goals. Firm fixed price options are available for three, six or twelve months.

On-site fuel tanks can save customers time and money. Bollinger Energy will install a tank at possibly no cost to qualified customers.

For more information on fuel oil prices in Maryland and expeditious response, please contact Bollinger Energy online or call 800-260-0505.