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What is Community Solar?

Community solar is a new and fast-growing concept that allows community members to invest in and share the output of a singular solar power system located within their area. This model for solar energy is being rapidly adopted across the nation and is an outstanding alternative for those looking to save costs while helping forge a more sustainable world.

How does Community Solar work?

Community members who invest in a share of a community solar project are referred to as subscribers. Through purchasing or leasing out a portion of solar panels from a community solar garden, these customers subscribe to receive the energy generated from the power plant. As a benefit for their investment, subscribers who possess a share in that solar field will then receive credit towards their electricity bill based on the amount of energy generated by their share of panels.

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What are the Benefits?

Community solar offers a variety of benefits for subscribers.
These advantages range from cost savings and easy accessibility to the creation of a greener planet.

Community solar is accessible to just about everyone. It is an efficient option for customers coming from all levels of income, whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or tenant. It saves everyone the expense of installing solar panels directly onto their property all while building a stronger, distributed, and more resilient electric grid.

Community solar is cost-efficient and prevents you from having to put a great amount of capitol upfront. Additionally, the credit that subscribers receive from their lease accumulates to 10-20% in savings off the electric bill.

Solar energy is renewable, sustainable, and a powerful way to reduce the carbon output in our atmosphere, resulting in a healthier environment and helping the planet the battle against climate change. It is an easy and low-cost way for you to connect with your community, make a difference, and support a gratifying cause.