Bollinger Energy and the Environment

Bollinger Energy Corp. exercises our commitment to the protection of our environment in every facet of our business. As an energy company, we feel a special obligation to provide the most environmental friendly products, share our expertise on natural resource efficiency and conservation with our customers, and maintain environmental responsibility in our everyday business activities.

We offer green electricity products from renewable energy resources such as wind or water. For our diesel fuel customers, we provide clean burning bio-diesel blends using domestic renewable resources that biodegrade faster than sugar and have lower emissions than 100% petroleum based diesel fuel. All of our gasoline products contain a percentage of ethanol, a product produced using renewable starch or sugar resources, which produces lower emissions than conventional gasoline. In addition to reducing fossil fuel consumption and reducing emissions, both bio-diesel blends and gasoline containing ethanol decreases our dependence on foreign oil and improves our national energy security.

Sharing our knowledge about the energy industry with our customers is one of our highest priorities, and offering information concerning efficient use and conservation of energy products is a key element in our education efforts. We continually communicate the most current and significant conservation tips and work with our customers to improve the efficiency of the fuel they consume.

Another component of our multi-faceted commitment to our environment is how we conduct our business on a daily basis. Our equipment is rigorously maintained to ensure the highest possible fuel efficiency and bio-diesel is used as the fuel whenever available. We buy recycled products whenever possible, use only compact fluorescent or fluorescent lighting, spearheaded a recycling program for our entire building, and implemented a “lights out” Friday where all non-essential lighting is turned off. We support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation which works to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay, an environmental treasure. We promote and encourage environmental responsibility among our employees both professionally and personally. Our dedication to environmental responsibility is a fundamental part of Bollinger Energy and our corporate culture. It is a core value which we will continually strive to enhance and expand.