With environmental responsibility being one of Bollinger Energy’s core company values, our team recognizes our imperative role in promoting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and striving for a healthier planet. We are committed to helping our clients effectively reduce their carbon footprint and practice sustainability through sharing our expertise on natural resource efficiency, offering renewable energy options, and implementing net-zero carbon natural gas supply.

Our market territory includes Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington DC. 

Our Eco-Friendly Services:

  • Community Solar

    Bollinger Energy strives to help optimize the utilization of solar energy. Our company is here to assist you as you navigate your transition to community solar and match you with the program that best meets your needs. Learn more HERE.

  • Net-Zero Carbon Natural Gas

    Through our carbon offset program, Bollinger Energy will calculate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with your projected carbon use and purchase offsets from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to reduce 100% of the emissions associated with your organization’s natural gas usage.  Learn more HERE.

  • Client Education

    We remain well-informed of the most effective and up-to-date energy efficiency strategies and love to share this knowledge with our clients. From living by example and practicing sustainability right inside in our office to regularly conversing with customers about the most applicable ways to conserve resources, we continuously guide our clients on how they can embrace environmental responsibility in ways that work best for them.

Progress we’ve made in reducing carbon footprint

3,830,077 natural gas therms were offset by the purchase of net zero carbon natural gas. This is equivalent to 44,676,677 pounds of carbon eliminated.