Bollinger Energy is a low cost, reliable supplier of dyed ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. We provide the competitively priced off road diesel supply Maryland depends on. We also supply biodiesel fuel and net-zero carbon diesel fuel, which reduces 100% of your carbon emissions associated with your diesel fuel use.

Maryland’s construction and agriculture industries rely on us to provide low cost off road diesel supply so they can build a flourishing infrastructure for the state. To that end, our subsidiary transportation company Chesapeake Transit Inc is committed to making safe and timely deliveries to keep your operation running at full bore.

About Bollinger Energy’s Off Road Diesel Supply

Off road diesel is an untaxed fuel that is only legally usable in off road vehicles. This fuel is also referred to as ‘dyed’ diesel due to the red color added. The color helps inspectors check road vehicles to ensure they are using the correct fuel for their application. It is illegal to use off road diesel in a licensed vehicle and in a farm vehicle used on a United States highway. So, why use it for off road vehicles?

Off road diesel has lower sulfur emission rates than other fuels. Due to regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, higher sulfur content fuels are no longer allowed. Starting in June 2007, the EPA mandated a new sulfur level of no more than 500 ppm for off road vehicles such as farm equipment. This level then declined to 15 ppm in June 2010.  Today, ultra low sulfur diesel also has tax exemption status, making it much less expensive to power the vehicles covered by the tax exemption. See our Off Road Diesel FAQ for more information

Off Road Diesel Supply Baltimore

Bollinger Energy’s one-stop energy supply strategy ensures that you can have petroleum products such as diesel, biodiesel, net zero diesel, and natural gas delivered on time. In fact, our company was founded to improve petroleum transportation and delivery services here in Maryland. We are committed to helping our customers manage energy costs through competitive prices and reliable delivery. So if you need a reliable supply of natural gas or diesel fuel delivered in Baltimore, Maryland, then it’s time to contact Bollinger Energy. Our goal is to provide the best customer service and off road diesel supply Baltimore has ever seen.

We believe that dependable transportation of low cost, off road diesel keeps the city, and the state, operating on all cylinders. In fact, both the state’s infrastructure and food supply depend on a steady off road diesel supply. Without a steady supply of this tax exempt fuel, construction and agricultural projects would come grinding to a halt, and food harvesting would be all but impossible.

Simply put, we provide the off road diesel supply Maryland relies on. If you have any questions about Maryland diesel prices or would like to have off road diesel fuel delivered to your location, contact Bollinger Energy to learn more about our products and services at 410-327-0500.