Frequently Asked Questions about Petroleum

If your weekly volume is greater than the capacity of the tank then you would qualify for Bollinger Energy to provide the tank and the pump. You only requirement would be to provide the electric to the pump. Tank sizes are from 1000- 4000 gallons.
Bollinger has in stock at all times 1000-gallon tanks that can be delivered to a job site within a week.
Bollinger Energy is responsible for maintaining the tank and the pump. It is the customer’s responsible to use reasonable care for the tank and pump set up.
All the products supplied by Bollinger Energy are certified to meet the state specification. Most products are colonial pipeline specifications as most products that come into the Baltimore area are piped in on Colonial Pipeline.
Yes, our diesel fuel is automatically winterized beginning the end of November thru the end of March unless you request for the product no to be treated.
Yes, Bollinger Energy owns a common carrier company called Chesapeake Transit Inc. which operates tank wagons and transport trucks.
  1. No more waiting in line to fuel.
  2. No more unauthorized charges on the company credit card
  3. Better inventory control
  4. Able to take advantage of rising fuel prices by having inventory
Bollinger Energy’s pricing is based on both “Gulf Coast” and “New York Harbor” pricing supply. Therefore, we are constantly in the position to offer the most competitive priced products. Our vast number of suppliers allows us to obtain the lowest prices and ongoing product availability at all times. We are able to provide our customers with petroleum cost savings and a consistent supply.
Bollinger operates 24/7 for 365 days per year.
Once you fix a price on volume and cost on any commodity, it provides the ability to work within a budget. Since most companies do work with a budget this is the most popular pricing strategy. If your business volume remains within the limits of the agreement, there will be no surprise of exceeding your budget. A firm fixed price also provides a high level of risk management, protecting your organization from price spikes in extremely volatile markets.