Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Gas

Yes. Bollinger Energy will transport the commodity on interstate pipelines to the utility’s local distribution system. From there, the utility will transport the natural gas to your facility as they do now. Bollinger Energy offers years of experience and 100% reliability.
Yes. All the local distribution companies that we supply our products on use consolidated billing. This means that you will receive only one bill from your utility.
You will remain a customer of the utility for the local delivery of your natural gas. You will continue to use the pipes of the local distribution company (the utility) as you always have. The gas in the pipeline will be purchased from Bollinger Energy instead of the utility.
The utilities are not permitted to lock in any price for longer then one month. The utilities cannot take any position in the market (meaning that even if they believe natural gas prices Maryland are going to rise they are not permitted to purchase more then a one month supply of energy) Most utilities are only permitted to buy enough energy for one month at a time. Because utilities are regulated by the state, they are not permitted to provide long-term firm fixed prices to their customers. Your organization, however, can avoid the fluctuating rates provided by your utility by locking into a pricing strategy with Bollinger Energy.
Once you fix a price on volume and cost on any commodity, it provides the ability to work within a budget. Since most companies do work with a budget this is the most popular pricing strategy. If your business volume remains within the limits of the agreement, there will be no surprises with exceeding your budget. A firm fixed price also provides a high level of risk management, protecting your organization from price spikes in extremely volatile markets.
Utilities are regulated by the public service commission and are unable to tailor their pricing methods to individual needs. Under your current situation, the utility is responsible for purchasing your gas as needed. It is clearly the utilities responsibility to bring this gas to your burner tip regardless of cost. The utilities priority is their commitment and obligation to serve you. The utility buys most of their natural gas on the “spot market” (month-to-month basis), therefore, you are unable to take advantage of buying natural gas at a predetermined price or pricing method. The utility has no incentive and is not permitted to make beneficial long-term purchasing decisions on your behalf.
The professionals at Bollinger Energy will examine the patterns of your usage, the quantity of gas you burn, and the current market conditions to determine the best pricing options. This customization creates the opportunity for you to maximize your savings potential. Bollinger Energy has the expertise and knowledge to assist you in managing your natural gas expenses. We provide you with the tools necessary for you to reach your company’s savings goals.
Yes. Bollinger Energy has a simple one-page agreement. Our supply and buy agreement is a straightforward stating the terms, the price and the conditions. This is one of the ways Bollinger Energy illustrates its transparency. There is no need bury lengthy terms and conditions in a long extensive agreement.