Frequently Asked Questions About Electricity

A customer may switch between electricity suppliers and BGE’s Standard Offer Service, as many times they want with no associated penalties. The only requirement is that all enrollments and drops must be effective on the customer’s meter read date.
The Maryland Public Service Commission approved on April 29, 2003, a settlement that established POLR for all utilities in Maryland. POLR provides a new fixed price market based Standard Offer Service for customers when Price Freeze Service ended and no electricity supplier has been selected. This is being done to continue the smooth transition to Customer Choice. POLR provides for market-based rate plans depending on the customer segment and/or Capacity Peak Load Contribution level. For more information on POLR pricing and timelines, go to the POLR link on the BGE web site or the BGE Programs, Electric Tariffs & POLR Information link on this web site.
You will remain a customer of the utility for the local delivery of your electric. You will continue to use the transmission lines of the local distribution company (the utility) as you always have.
Yes. Your electricity will be delivered over transmission lines to the utility’s local distribution system. From there, the utility will transport electricity to your facility as they do now. Bollinger Energy offers years of experience and 100% reliability.
Yes. All the local distribution companies that we supply our products on use consolidated billing. This means that you will receive only one bill from your utility.
Once you fix a price on volume and cost on any commodity, it provides the ability to work within a budget. Since most companies do work with a budget this is the most popular pricing strategy. If your business volume remains within the limits of the agreement, there will be no surprises with exceeding your budget. A firm fixed price also provides a high level of risk management, protecting your organization from price spikes in extremely volatile markets.