About Bollinger Energy

Bollinger Energy Corporation was originally founded in 1988 as a petroleum supplier to commercial, industrial and institutional customers in Baltimore, MD.

Natural gas supply was added as a product in 1993 when natural gas was deregulated in Maryland.

In 1994, Chesapeake Transit Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Bollinger Energy Corporation, opened for business to improve transportation services to petroleum customers.

Our electricity supply brokerage division was started in 2005 in response to electricity deregulation.

In 2021, Bollinger Energy merged our petroleum supply division and Chesapeake Transit Inc with Shipley Energy of York , PA to better serve our customers.

Our energy consulting business expanded in 2022 with the introduction of Community Solar to our customers providing cost savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Bollinger Energy’s one-stop energy supply strategy, including petroleum, natural gas and electricity, developed from our commitment to help customers manage all their energy costs by providing current market information and reliable energy supply at competitive prices.

Our market territory has grown from the local Baltimore area, where we are proud to be the only local company to provide all three major energy sources, to the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

Company Values

  • Bollinger Energy’s core values originate with our dedication to our customer’s success.
  • Analyze our customers’ needs quickly to create innovative and flexible energy solutions
  • Adapt quickly to changing market conditions and are proactive to communicate the risks and rewards inherent in volatile markets
  • Create collaborative relationships to ensure goal achievement
  • Provide an extensive menu of competitive pricing options and terms
  • Share our expertise on market opportunities for BTU based purchasing and arbitrage for duel fuel customers
  • Maintain absolute transparency and integrity in all aspects including communication, pricing and contracts
  • Demonstrate exceptional personal service to every customer and provide a single point-of-contact as the account advocate
  • Communicate relevant market and pricing information and strive to continually inform customers regarding the energy industry
  • Optimize the professional development of the Bollinger Energy staff
  • Demonstrate commitment to maintain environmental responsibility.