Did you know off-road diesel fuel is actually considered to be a form of sustainable energy? When you hear anything ending in “fuel,” most people automatically think of CO2 emissions and gasoline products made from petroleum. However, some fossil fuels are cleaner than others, and diesel is one of the most eco-friendly options available today.

Powerful diesel fuel engines can power a truck for up to 800 miles on a single tank of diesel gas. But what is Net Zero Carbon Diesel Fuel?

Breaking it down: Net zero

While off-road diesel fuel does release emissions when the fuel is burned to power an engine, the term “net zero” is what’s really important in this equation. Net zero fuel, or carbon-neutral fuel, means that the end product — diesel, in this case — does not have a net emission associated with the product manufacturing and use. This essentially means that diesel fuel suppliers are not worsening their carbon footprint. This may be done through carbon offsets and through finding efficiencies in the manufacturing and delivery of diesel supplies. The carbon output from the final product doesn’t worsen a company’s carbon footprint, making this product a form of sustainable energy through its efficient application and longevity.

What are greenhouse gas emissions?

Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced thanks to the efforts of Net Zero Carbon Diesel Fuel suppliers and users. Greenhouse gases are the harmful emissions exuded by cars and other sources of pollution that get trapped in our atmosphere and promote global warming. That’s why the Bollinger Energy Corporation is so committed to sustainable, off-road diesel fuels. We believe this is one way we can create a more eco-friendly way of living. Despite the higher fuel oil prices associated with biodiesel, net zero, or synthetic diesel products, you’re leaving a smaller carbon footprint with every purchase.

How do diesel companies reach net zero?

Diesel companies and any other form of diesel fuel supplier can reach net zero through their company’s external efforts. Because diesel fuel does release carbon emissions, the company must support sustainability efforts elsewhere in order to give back to the environment. This essentially erases the bad effects associated with using diesel fuel because they’re promoting the use of carbon capture or other forms of recycling. When the total emissions saved is equal to the emission potential of the diesel supply, the energy supplier earns the coveted net zero rating.

Here at the Bollinger Energy Corporation, we offset our Net Zero Carbon Diesel Fuel by supporting the capture of landfill gases. This is just one of the ways a company can reach net zero.

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