commercial natural gas supplierWhile U.S. power plants still use 90% of all coal, natural gas has been steadily replacing coal for decades. It’s fast becoming the most common fuel for generating our electricity. There are commercial natural gas suppliers that provide this valuable fuel to businesses all over the world, effectively leading to a much higher global commercial natural gas supply.

As far as the global auto industry is concerned, commercial natural gas suppliers have been integral in the advancements of modern vehicles. There are roughly 11 million road vehicles across the globe that are fueled by natural gas. The gas is used in a compressed form (or liquefied state) and can power cars, trucks, buses, and other automobiles.

According to Today In Energy, natural gas is expected to fully surpass coal as the fuel that U.S. power generation relies on.

Coal has been declining for years and natural gas has been gaining momentum. Energy prices haven’t always reflected the change in energy usage, however. Over an eight-year period between 2000 and 2008, coal was much less expensive than natural gas and coal contributed to roughly half of all U.S. power generation. Since 2009, however, the gap between natural gas and coal prices has narrowed and is in the process of flipping.

Natural gas isn’t just replacing coal; it’s doing so at a much faster rate than just about every industry professional expected. As Electrical Power reports, for the second time in history, natural gas has generated more power in the U.S. than coal. Though it was the second time ever, it was also the second time in the same year.

A few years ago in 2012, natural gas was close to beating coal prices but never made the push to outperform — until now.

It looks like coal is on its way out. If you want to learn more about the state of the global or domestic energy industry or consult with a commercial natural gas supplier, contact Bollinger Energy Corporation today.