When you’re looking to switch power suppliers, choosing the right electricity company is crucial. Luckily, there are key qualities to look for when you’re making your final decision.

Customer service

Customer service can make or break an electricity company. Whether you have questions about your bill, you experience a power outage, or simply want to discuss your energy plan, customer service is what makes your experience with a company a good one. Strong customer service makes a customer feel cared for and heard by the company. An electricity company with bad customer service can be enough to make you want to flip the switch, regardless of how affordable your bill is.

This also means your company will be reliable in a time of crisis. Look for electricity companies and other utility suppliers that offer a one stop energy source with a good track record and plenty of positive reviews online.

Go local

Why choose a locally-based electric company? In addition to stronger service and supporting the local economy, only the locals know the kind of weather fluctuations that require more electricity. Asking your neighbors what supplier they use can help you gauge the reliability of a company and make the best selection.

Renewable resources

Does your current electricity company utilize natural gas and other eco-friendly energy sources? This renewable resource is a form of sustainable energy that’s better for the planet compared to traditional coal-based electricity generation. Consider contacting a wholesale energy supplier or look into natural gas suppliers in your area to reduce your carbon footprint. Natural gas serves over 1,900 electricity generating units across the United States.

If you aren’t able to find a natural gas supplier, consider installing solar power on your roof or on your lawn. Though it may have a high up-front cost, your smaller bills will make up for it in the end.

Diversify your energy

Renewable resources are the way to go, but companies that utilize diverse resources are the best way to ensure you’ll receive reliable energy year-round. This will reduce service interruptions and stabilize your bill, preventing spikes in the hot summer months when you need air conditioning.

Look for different plan options

One plan doesn’t fit all, and companies with multiple plan options are worth the investment. The different options ensure that the company supports working with their customers to find the best deal for them. Not only will you get a plan that’s tailored to the way you live, you might be able to bundle your natural gas supply with your electricity, thereby lowering the final cost of your bill. Call your local commercial natural gas supplier or electricity company to discuss plan options that fit your lifestyle and budget.