Diesel fuel delivery services are crucial for many industries, but local farms depend on it for their livelihood. In order to get the fuel they need to power the tractors, agricultural pumps, and farming equipment necessary to harvest their crops and ultimately feed Americans, farmers need off road diesel suppliers. Why?

Well, in case you haven’t been up close to any farm equipment recently, the machines farmers use are gigantic! They are also far from road legal in most cases. That means a quick trip to the gas station is out of the question. Besides, even if you could fit farm equipment on the road, the diesel that these machines use isn’t road legal either. Why?

The government subsidizes farms by supplying vouchers for off road diesel at a lower price. Driving a truck of tractor on the road while using this much less expensive fuel can land farmers with heavy fines. So, why do farmers use diesel anyway?

Why Diesel Is Used In Heavy Machinery

    1. Efficiency
      Diesel engines in road cars can get 45-50 miles per gallon on the highway without using hybrid technology. This translates to tractors when you learn that diesel costs 30-50% less than gas per kilowatt produced.
    2. Simplicity
      Since diesel auto-ignites, there’s no need for spark plugs or wires, making the engine more simple and streamlined.
    3. Maintenance
      Having a simpler design means less breakdowns. Diesel also burns at a much lower temperature than gasoline, meaning the engine itself has to endure far less punishment from normal activity. Both of these aspects of diesel engines add up to lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan.

The efficacy of diesel as a fuel for farm equipment and other heavy machinery is, as of yet, unmatched by any other power source. The torque heavy low down brunt that these engines produce is perfect for pulling heavy equipment over rough terrain, and their longevity just seals the deal.

The only problem with heavy machinery like farm equipment is that you can’t drive it on the road. That’s where diesel fuel delivery services come in handy. Our country needs diesel fuel suppliers. If we couldn’t fuel our farmers, how would we eat?