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Bollinger Energy is preparing for higher energy prices

Bollinger Energy which makes diesel fuel deliveries Baltimore and is a natural gas supplier Baltimore is preparing for higher energy prices. Instability in Venezuela, optimism about a US and China trade deal has caused speculation the global oil market is under-supplied moving forward. In addition, questions remain if US shale production can produce enough oil [...]

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Bollinger Energy will supply Baltimore school with natural gas

Bollinger Energy is awarded a three year contract to supply Calvert School a private school in Baltimore with natural gas supply at a firm fixed price.  Bollinger Energy competes with Washington Gas Energy Services,  Constellation and Constellation new Energy.

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St John’s College in Annapolis is now a Bollinger Energy gas client

The 3rd oldest college in the United States, St John’s College in Annapolis is now a Bollinger Energy gas client. Founded in 1696, one of SJC’s most famous alumni is Francis Scott Key… he graduated in 1796.

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How to Choose the Best Electricity Company When You Switch

When you're looking to switch power suppliers, choosing the right electricity company is crucial. Luckily, there are key qualities to look for when you're making your final decision. Customer service Customer service can make or break an electricity company. Whether you have questions about your bill, you experience a power outage, or simply want to [...]

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Easy Ways to Help Lower Your Energy Bills

Natural gas and other modern energy sources are already affordable, but if you're not paying attention your bills could skyrocket. In the summer, you likely use your air conditioner almost every day. In the winter, there’s a chance you constantly have your heat going. The more energy that’s being used, the higher your natural gas [...]

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Natural Gas: Where it Comes From and What it Costs

Natural gas has become an increasingly relied upon source of energy in the transportation industry. Over 11 million vehicles on the road across the world use natural gas as a fuel. It can be used in a compressed or liquefied state for powering buses, trucks, taxis, and cars, further diversifying our reliance on oil as [...]

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Changes In China Leading to Increased Global Commercial Natural Gas Prices

Natural gas is an essential part of life in 2017 for both recreational and commercial purposes. Natural gas serves roughly 66.7 million homes, 5.4 million businesses, 192,000 factories, and 1,900 electricity generating units -- and those numbers are rising all the time. On a daily basis, the average home in the U.S. uses 196 cubic [...]

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Why Is Natural Gas Replacing Coal?

While U.S. power plants still use 90% of all coal, natural gas has been steadily replacing coal for decades. It's fast becoming the most common fuel for generating our electricity. There are commercial natural gas suppliers that provide this valuable fuel to businesses all over the world, effectively leading to a much higher global commercial [...]

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3 Things You Should Look Out For In a Natural Gas Supplier

Natural gas serves roughly 66.7 million homes in the United States. From commercial natural gas fueling 5.4 million businesses like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, and grocery stores; to 192,000 factories; and 1,900 electric generating units, natural gas is an essential form of energy. On a daily basis, the average home in the U.S. uses approximately [...]

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Make Sure You’re Knowledgeable About the Global Natural Gas Supply

One of the most important conversations going on in the world now has to do with the natural gas supply. Administration changes, new climate research, and a limited supply of fossil fuels are sparking worldwide concern over the natural gas supply, biodiesel fuel oil prices, and the future of the entire planet. Natural gas has [...]

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