Natural gas serves roughly 66.7 million homes in the United States. From commercial natural gas fueling 5.4 million businesses like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, and grocery stores; to 192,000 factories; and 1,900 electric generating units, natural gas is an essential form of energy.

On a daily basis, the average home in the U.S. uses approximately 196 cubit feet of natural gas. If you’re working with a natural gas supplier or diesel fuel delivery service in any way, you should at least know what to look for in a quality company.

In order to ensure that a natural gas supplier is legitimate or not, here are a few things you should look out for.

Find out the supplier’s history and customer service record

If you’re dealing with a legitimate supplier, they will have nothing to hide. Quality organizations, not only have references but have years and years of experience and reference statements to back their claims up. Simply call ahead and ask the customer service line a few questions about the company’s history. If they get defensive and push back against providing any extra information, be cautious about proceeding with that particular gas supplier.

Make sure to do a competitive price check in the natural gas market

Because the natural gas market can be so competitive, it’s important that you browse around for the best price available. If you can’t find the absolute lowest price, however, you should at least make sure that your supplier can be flexible and work with you a little bit. If they are there to really help you, you both should be able to make a deal.

Read the fine print

This goes without saying for most deals, but contracts involving such large amount of both money and fuel can be a little sensitive. Take a few hours and read through every single detail of a contract and make sure the terms and conditions of service are fair and reasonable. If there are a bunch of unfair or ridiculous hidden fees, maybe look elsewhere for your supply.

If you want to learn more about what to look out for or just speak to a credible and experienced natural gas supplier, contact Bollinger Energy Corporation today.